The Eagle has Landers
The eagle has landers
Description In Ascension, escape on all three lunar landers.
Game Title Call of Duty: Black Ops
Gamer Score 30Gamerscore
Trophy Type Bronze
Other Part of First Strike DLC.
The Eagle has Landers is an Achievement/Trophy obtainable in Call of Duty: Black Ops, and is part of the First Strike DLC. On the Xbox it is worth 30Gamerscore and is a Bronze Trophy on the PS3.


The Eagle has Landers can only be obtained in the Zombie map Ascension. First you must turn the power on, and then go to the three locations of the Lunar Landers (this does not include the one in the room where you start). It costs 250 points to use each one. One of the Lunar Landers is next to the perk PhD Flopper. The second is by the perk Stamin-Up, and the third is by the perk Speed Cola.