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Welcome to the Achievement and Trophy Wiki
The wiki for unlocking video game achievements and trophies that anyone can edit!

79 articles since April 2011.

Introduction   (view all pages)

Welcome to the Achievement and Trophy Wiki! This Wiki is in its very early growing stages, but we will hopefully build a very popular fanbase soon. For now, we need your help formatting some of the Wiki's basis, as well as making articles and guides for the achievements and trophies. If you can, look at the examples below to know the basic layout of articles.

Current Examples

Please note that being in the list below only means that the main composition of the game's article is done. Improvements and new tips always need to be added to an article and its achievements and trophies.

Helping out

Not sure where to start?

Adding content

Featured Game

Placeholder other This feature will come after more articles. So get writing!! (see examples at left)

Featured Achievement

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This feature will come after more articles. So get writing those guides! (see examples at left)


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